~ Bahawudeen Yahaya.

4th, August 2018.



At age ten and as far back as the beginning of my early school days l use to remember these prominent names, Adai Tom Adaba, Alh. Abatemi, Dr. Akpoti, Engr. Sule, Mr Majebi, Ustaz Yunus, Adai Samari, Alh. Sani Ogumade, Mr. Bajenson, Dr Ozigi, Dr. Farouk, Mr. Gomina and Dr Anate to mention but few. I can’t deny the fact that whether in a way of discussion or in an illustration l frequently over heard my parent mentioned these names and many more.

It was also classical to reiterate that among above mention was Dr. Akpoti a regular epoch and house hold name, given the fact that he married from Ukraine and also as a renowned Medical Doctor who prefer to serve his people rather than others. Back then l have not in any occasion meet him in person but l was old enough to remember all humanitarian services he rendered to his people.

In March 24th, 2017. I resigned from Mainstreet Microfinance Bank a subsidiary of Skye Bank Nigeria PLC to strengthen my social business initiative and developed myself more. In line with the fore-mention, my intentions was to create balance between the rich and the poor, also to create prosperity in the society inorder to reduce the level of poverty among my people (Anebira).

Following this development l seriously began to search for a partner and a trustee, in whom l can leverage on in terms of experiences and someone with good will to genuinely transforming our societies from the poorest to actively poor society, and behold l met BARR. NATASHA AKPOTI having seen her activities, her struggle and her kind hearted roles she has be playing for the poeple of Kogi Central especially women and children particularly on Education and capacity building.

It is obvious in our records the number of things she has done for the vulnerable and l believe she would do more in the nearest future if given the opportunity, l hereby present to the good people of Kogi Central one of their own Barrister Natasha Hadiza Akpoti the daughter of the late Doctor Jimoh Abdul Akpoti of blessed memory. As she seek your support to run for Senate Federal Republic of Nigeria in Kogi Central Senatorial District come 2019. This is the most anticipated declaration of all time as the good people of Kogi Central had waited long enough for it to come and to become a reality.


From time inmemorial, beside the good representative in the days of Senator Abdulsalam (Robin) Yusuf and in the good days of Distinguished Senator A.T. Ahmed. Since after these periods the good people to Kogi Central has not had a good representatives in the National Assembly till date, l stand to be corrected. We must as a matter of urgency declare support for Natasha Akpoti to run for Senate haven’t seen her kind of struggle toward The revival of Ajaokuta steel company among other achievements.

She has been representing us very well both at home and abroad, far and wide in terms of national building. Barr. Natasha is not only called the Amazon she generally refers to as lady of steel around the world. Therefore, along side her strive it was obvious that she understand the business of the legislature and she has a great direction, a passion to help less previlege, she had worked effectively for the purpose of delivering her constituency in an organized way and have always focus more on the betterment of her poeple.

Beside some of her achievement in politics, National building, and social investment she is a Barrister at Law and a peace maker history can correct me if am wrong and also a good mother. Some of us clamouring for her to represent us in upper Legislative chamber are doing so vividly not just for personal interest but for the interest of our common wealth and for the overall wellbeing of the good people of Kogi Central Senatorial District.

Forth with, we must also give the good people of Okehi a chance and a fair share in this political dispensation. Also it is significant to adopt the ideology of rotation and the dortine of power shift among the five LGA in kogi central Senatorial District namely Okene, Adavi, Okehi, Ajaokuta and Ogori Magongo, above all canvassing support for this icon is to create an enabling political environment for all and equal right in our society.

Prior to her declaration and as a responsible daughter of Ebira Land she had made wide consultation in and around Kogi Central, it is generally accepted that she should run for upper Legislative house. The political class has thrown their weight behind her, the first class traditional rulers are solidly behind her, Ebira socio political groups and peer groups respectively also declared support for her, and paramountly good people of Kogi Central both at home and abroad are firmly in her support.

More so, it is only reasonable to call on my very influential women of Kogi Central Senatorial District to galvanize their undisputed support for Barr. Natasha Akpoti to run for Senate come 2019, this will not only serve as an opportunity for our woman to attaining greater height but also goes in the history as the first female senator God willing. According to my track record she had done more good to an ordinary Oyene Anebira than ever.


Believe you me, the best is yet to come with the way young people are participating in politics in recent time the sky is our limit. Kogi Central has tremendous and capable hands to take up elective offices and federal appointments as the case may be, prior to now l have critically and sincerely analyse all Senatorial aspirant from the central. Thus l feels that she has a better credentials to become Senator representing kogi Central following her antecedent in the area of educational development, social investments programme, health care delivery and establishing an enabling environment for the less previlege to foster.

However, am using this medium to plead once again with the good people of Kogi Central Senatorial District to join hands together and support Barr. Natasha Akpoti for better representative with exemplary leadership in Ebira land and Kogi State at large. Forth with, this will go a long way to further more increase on her achievement for the good poeple of Kogi Central senatorial district.

Thank you.

God Bless Kogi State.

God Bless Kogi Central.

God Bless Anebira.

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