Opinion: Natasha: A Litmus Test on Ebira Reasoning

Opinion: Natasha: A Litmus Test on Ebira Reasoning

Natasha Apoti’s Senate election will be the First of its kind in the history of Ebira nation in determining the reasoning level of an average Anebira.

REASONS to Reason well on Natasha’s Senate voting.

Her academic credentials and qualifications inclusive of international Awards.

Her resilient interest for Ebiraland and humanitarian services.

Her Selfless Service on Ajaokuta and Itakpe resuscitation.

Her Selfless Service to the indigent Anebira and humanity through her NGO.

Her interest in human development and capacity building through paying hundred of thousands children school fee.

Her quest for industrialization of Ebiraland for the employment of our able youths and adults with ripple effect of economic activities in the land.

Her lone VOICE for Anebira as and when due,typical of this was her self induced presentation at the National Assembly against concessioning of Ajaokuta and Itakpe Iron Ore industries.

Her engagement of both Federal and State governments in Court over the popular Ogaminana Massacre by the Police.

Her collaborations and networking on higher pedestal to realign Ebira nation in the Comity of tribes worldwide and Nigeria at large.

Being only qualified woman since inception of politics in Ebiraland to vie for senate.
Aside her qualitative qualifications she will balance the gender deficit in our political arrangements and finally satisfy the presidential quest of 35% women participation in elective office across board. The list is endless.

I ask Anebira who else qualify more than Natasha amongst the contestants?.

I warned Ebira should not lay course on herself and perpetual regrets over our action(s).

This is the time she is needed others can wait.

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