Natasha in the Eyes of the Storm – Natasha Akpoti

Natasha in the Eyes of the Storm – Natasha Akpoti

In 1979 a child was born by an Ukrainian mother to a Nigerian father, late Dr. Akpoti of blessed memory. The mother from Ukraine, nation of Steel and one of the Technologically powerful countries of the World.

Natasha, is a product of the relationship between Nigeria and USSR’s vision to position Nigeria as an industrualized natiom through Ajaokuta Steel company. Her blood boils for the realization of her people’s hopes.

Little wonder, she dreams Steel everywhere she goes hence her struggles for the resuscitation of the ailing industries for national heritage and Ebira liberation at large. The struggle earned her the name “STEEL LADY”.

Natasha from her youthful age does extraordinary achievements and progresses amongst them are:

Brilliant Certificates in Law, MBA and Social Entrepreneurship including numerous intimidating credentials obtained from renowned local and international institutions

Exceptional advocate, Social reformer & Change Agent, International Negotiator on Conflict Resolution and Industrial developments.

The first Ebira Woman and indeed first Nigerian and West African to initiate the establishment of a 21- hectares integrated Technology Innovation and Business Growth hub situated in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State in collaboration with Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, and Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria, SMEDAN.

The first Ebira woman to be recognized with the African Women Leadership Award by Mrs. Jewel Taylor, vice president Federal Republic of Liberia.

The first Ebira woman to float NGO of international standard to take care of the aged ones, over 600 under-privileged children and orphans which earned her so many awards to her sleeves all over the globe.

The first Ebira woman to lead one man protest to the National Assembly to spur a revolution on the side of the masses against the so called “owners of the Country” on Equity, Justice and Fair play.


The first woman in the modern Ebira nation to stand tall, and fought for the rights of the masses and advocated for their rights to employment and development.

The First Ebira Woman and indeed first Nigerian non-engineer to receive the presidential award from the Nigerian Society of Engineers on December 2017 for her efforts on Ajaokuta Steel’s revival.

The only person in Ebiraland that took both State and Federal governments to court over the popular Ogaminana massacre.

The first Ebira woman to change the political narratives of the land through the change mantra of President Muhammadu Buhari, on corruption and fair play and that it can not be business as usual.

The first Ebira woman in the modern Ebira Society to be ranked amongst the Women nationalist that fought Pre and neo-colonialism against obnoxious government policies.

Her name will no doubts be written in GOLD amongst these noble nationalist like:
Queen Amen-Alhaji of Zaria, Margaret Ekpo of Cross Rivers,Hajia Shawaba Gambo of North West, Onyai Iyebe of Ebiraland, Onyai Onono of Idogido and host of others.

Barr. Natasha Hadiza Akpoti will be the First Ebira woman to be elected as Senator God’s willing to fulfil Beinji declaration in China on women participation in elective offices in the developing countries as supported by PMB.

Natasha being known by her uncommon achievements and mother of the down- trodden, is highly humble, respectful and shy enough to see the elderly in the face twice.

Her father, late Dr. Akpoti was a highly respecter of Constituted authority most especially our native custom and sympathizer of the poor, no wonder the daughter(Natasha) toes the path of honour to accomplish what the father had started.

I thereafter, ask Anebira that do you (Ebira) want to throw away this character and achiever and vote a neo-phyte and political learner as your Senator?.

The answer is Capital “No”. Natasha holds the ace and qualities above others to be voted as Ebira Senator come 2019 ‘cos that’s the job she knows how to do best.

Give Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser -Shakespeare.

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