Natasha believes it’s the collective responsibility of humans to support each other to be and live better. This formidable mantra she has carried in her heart and has exhibited at every given opportunity to serve humanity. Natasha doesn’t believe philanthropy must be by money alone “Money philanthropy is the cheapest form of giving… commitment of ones scarce resources especially time, thoughts and emotions to service goes a long way in measuring impact”

Over 1000 children across Nigeria benefit from Natasha’s educational scholarship programs. At a go, 600 primary school children, 248 of which are orphaned were adopted on the 9th December 2015 from primary schools within her community in Ihima, Kogi state. Natasha also randomly adopts children she comes across either hawking or filling potholes on the streets. “I believe in the power of education as an essential life tool in eradicating poverty and no child must be deprived of such an opportunity”.

Although child education forms the core of Natasha’s charitable activities, engaging with marginalized communities to help develop their local economies is an enjoyable past time for her. From Sokoto to Akwa Ibom, Abuja to Kogi, Natasha’s feet joyfully walks the village muds and climb their sun beaten rocks because she believes strongly in Maya Angelou’s quote “ When you learn, teach, when you get, give” and adds “ the poor people in neglected communities are not lazy; they just don’t know how to engage their skills and economic potentials rightly with the world. They need to be guided with love and patience and these two vital resources don’t come from the government but from individuals like you and I”


Cheque presentation to benefited schools at the pilot phase of Scholarship For Elementary School Pupils
Cheque presentation to benefited schools at the pilot phase of Scholarship For Elementary School Pupils. Click here to read the story >>. 



2nd phase of Scholarship program for Less Privileged Pupils in Elementary Schools
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