Dear INEC Nigeria,


Many thanks for your prompt response.

However, as a Nigerian citizen and a Senatorial Candidate from the very District this ballot paper in question concerns, your response gave me more cause to worry.

Note that between my public post on the ballot paper discovery at 6:48pm on Sunday the 17th February 2019 and your response at 11:36pm of the same yesterday, my investigation confirmed that –

1. The ballot papers I published are the exact ballot papers designed for Kogi Central Senatorial elections.

2. 19 political parties fielded candidates; therefore you accommodated the 19 logos on the ballot papers.

The only uncertainty of course is the texture of and the “official stamps” on the ballot paper which shall be investigated by your good office once my petition is tendered today .

In the wake of this occurrence, my mind is greatly unsettled and ponders:-

1. Are the ballot papers fake or original?

2. If fake, how did APC Kogi get hold of this version with the exact same design and color specifications?

3. We know the supplier of the Card Reading machine is Mohammed Musa an APC Senatorial Candidate In Niger State. Who is the contractor for the supply of the ballot papers?

4. Where parallel duplicates of the ballot papers printed?

My deductions from inference evidence which I stand to be corrected upon the investigation of my petition:

The cancellation and deferment of the elections from 16th February to 23rd February 2019 can turned out to be a blessing in disguise if INEC considers the fact that some unscrupulous and desperate people have succeeded in printing PARALLEL DUPLICATES OF THE BALLOT PAPERS from the same supplier.
Meaning, there are two same versions of each ballot paper . Only difference is the official stamps on one. Sadly, the election officers might not know the difference in stamps and that would only facilitate rigging where by the original would be burnt/ discarded and replaced with the unstamped original .

This is true if the fact that there are also genuine INEC card readers in public’s possession (I reference Ordinary President).

Is the good public wrong to assume that two elections would simultaneously take place in Kogi State :
1. At the polling units
2. At Gov. Yahaya Bello’s residence.

Note that thumbprinting of ballot papers are currently taken place in Okene and Lokoja towns of Kogi State.


In the spirit of democracy and the integrity of the INEC institution, we ask that:

1. The ballot paper for Kogi Central District be changed in design and possibly form.

2. That card readers MUST be used only for names of voters captured in the register.

3. That your esteemed office EDUCATE the public on the GENUINE OFFICIAL STAMP INEC shall use. This will enable polling agents and observers identify the “fake” ballot papers.

4. Thoroughly investigate my forthcoming petition and apprehend the culprits who are enemies of our democracy.

Natasha H Akpoti
Senatorial Candidate
Kogi Central District

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