Beloved Nigerians, the past few months got me at crossroads. Not one which had me question my intentions of service to my people and nation at large; but a pondering thought on the nature and context of service.

As the calls upon me by my immediate communities (Kogi Central District) became louder by the day, I took to deeper solitude in communicating with God; and, I consulted with wise elders and youths far and wide across Ebiraland, Kogi state, Nigeria and beyond boarders.

God gave me peace at heart and whenever the thought of “how shall it be possible without a godfather and money to be spent?” crossed my mind; I got humbly reminded that all I needed in the spirit of true democracy is the goodwill of the common people and an absolute faith in God The Father.

So here I am, in all my flaws, honour and courage standing before you as a little girl from a very humble background. A born Social Democrat who learnt the importance of service to humanity from her philanthropical father late Dr. Jimoh Abdul Akpoti, the first Member of the Federal House of Representatives Adavi/Okehi constituency serving the Third Republic under the Social Democratic Platform (SDP).

I am a woman who lost and found herself so she could contribute alongside others to save her communities and country from abject poverty by advocating for the industrialisation of Nigeria through the judicious revival of Ajaokuta steel plant and the steel sector in general.

I am a Social Reformer who believes that its possible for a woman to transform her skills of nurturing children into nurturing, healing and growing her communities and country.

For all that and more, I shall be signing with my people a Social Contract which shall form the foundation of genuine Servant Leadership to birth a liberated transformation of our lives into that which we deserve as hardworking citizens of a country blessed with abundant natural resources.

Without a doubt, our Social Contract will focus on passing laws and ratifying treaties which shall promote the industrialisation of Nigeria, invariably including the resuscitation and effective operation of our moribund steel plants and mines across the country.

Most importantly shall be the laws promoting Social and Economic justice to protect host communities and country’s interest with regards to conduct of national and international businesses.

As a Social Entrepreneur, formulating laws which shall create a responsive ecosystem to support Start-Ups and take smart Nigerian ideas global will be a priority entrepreneurial project as well. This responsive framework shall ensure that smarter government services are not only closer to the people but respond faster; and this shall be a core of our Human Capacity Development Agenda.

In the next few days, weeks and months… I shall be unveiling concepts of what ideal leadership means to me and I shall expect earnest contributions from everyone even beyond Kogi state. I shall also conduct Town Hall meetings where I can be up-close and personal with our people. This will give me a chance to amend our Social Contract so we can have a working document representing the true desires of ourselves.

I promise never to become high-headed and too far away from my Facebook family, because, believe me … YOU ALL CONTRIBUTED GREATLY INTO WHO I AM TODAY. THANK YOU IMMENSELY!!!

Signing off now to continue with preparations for our election, I urge all aspirants, even those who would contest on opposing political platforms to have at their hearts that collaboration not competition is the watchword for nation building.

God bless
I love you all
Natasha H Akpoti

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